How We Started

Established in 1972, VIDCO initially created products for industrial and scientific applications. The company shifted its focus to the medical marketplace in the late 1970s when hospitals began adapting these products for their use. In 1979, VIDCO introduced one of the first independently configurable, vital signs color monitors used during open-heart surgeries.


Since then, VIDCO has been designing and manufacturing innovative products that provide remote patient monitoring, recording, storage, and other information management functions in all patient care environments.

Examples include High-Risk Surgery, Emergency, Ambulatory, Telemetry, Cardiac Care, Intensive Care, Step-Down, Cath Lab and EP Lab and research facilities. In addition to its standard offerings, the company develops custom-made products to meet its customers' specific requirements.


The VIDCO Vision

VIDCO's goal is to design and manufacture safe, reliable and competitively priced medical data processing products that meet or exceed the customers' expectations. To help meet this goal, the company makes customer service its highest priority. If a customer experiences any problems with the equipment, VIDCO’s personnel will resolve them as quickly and effectively as possible.




The VIDCO Quality Policy

VIDCO has established and maintains a quality system that conforms with FDA 21 CFR 820 regulation and ISO 13485 standard. The company is constantly evaluating ways to improve its design and manufacturing processes to develop the highest quality products.


This policy places our existing customers and their support as our highest priority. Any problems experienced by our customers receive our immediate attention, taking precedence, if necessary, over other activities.


A one-year warranty applies on all its products, from the date of shipment.