The NetViewer Family

Central and remote monitoring products display information for one or multiple patients and feature independent, configurable displays for all monitoring applications.

Central and Remote Monitoring

GE Unity Network

Monitor up to 16 beds. Provides visual and audible alarms. Connects to all GE Unity Network patient monitors and telemetry servers.


Welch Allyn

Connects to Welch Allyn Propaq, Encore, CS and Atlas monitors.



Monitor up to 16 beds using VIDCO’s Interface Protocol. Patient monitor manufacturers can get to market quick with an off the shelf central station using the Vidco Interface Protocol. Provides visual and audible alarms, on - screen trends, and Event storage. Up to 256 alarm events can be stored storing up to 16 seconds of real-time waves with each event.


Surgical and Single Patient Monitoring

GE Unity Network

Interface to all GE surgical monitors. Display up to 9 waveforms with associated numerics for HR or PR, INV Sys/Dias/Mean, NIBP, ST, PVC, SpO2/PR, EtCO2/InCO2, O2, BIS, GAS, CO/BT.


Welch Allyn

Connects to Welch Allyn 1500 patient monitor. Use wherever a larger screen view of patient data is required.

Labor and Delivery Monitoring

Central Station

Central station for surveillance of up to 8 labors.


Bedside Charting and Remote Monitoring

Select any Labor admitted at the Central for display. Physician orders can be sent to and acknowledged by the Central. Allows viewing and charting at the bedside.


GE Unity Network Patient Data Acquisition

Protocol Converter

Access up to 16 patients data simultaneously. 3rd parties can access all real-time patient data from GE Unity Network via VIDCO’s Network Interface without knowledge of GE’s Network Protocols.


RS232 to Ethernet Servers

Converts up to 16 RS232 inputs to provide Network connectivity for each data channel. Provides 4 client connections per serial channel. Network Interface Protocol provides full control over serial parameters and baud rates, allowing users to specify auto stimulus strings and network packet reporting rates.