Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

New Brunswick, NJ

Our Hospital has purchased several VIDCO NetViewer monitoring systems over the years to slave our GE Unity monitors. We find them to be a fantastic, low cost solution for many of our unique patient monitoring situations typically found in radiology control rooms and large or oddly shaped nursing floors. The staff find them easy to operate and are also very low maintenance for our busy biomedical staff.


Troy Gillette

Director, Clinical Engineering



Miami Valley Hospital

Dayton, OH

In 2007 Miami Valley Hospital installed VIDCO based remote secondary telemetry monitor panels in the ICU. The hospital’s Patient Safety-Human Factors team conducted a study and found the panels increased nurses’ awareness of patient conditions, decreased the nurses’ mental workload as measured by NASA-TLX, and increased nursing satisfaction. Because of the positive results, in 2009 the hospitals foundation funded installation of the monitors across the rest of the hospital cardiac monitoring units.


Chris Connelly

Quality Management CHE-482

Scripps Mercy Hospital

San Diego, CA

VIDCO has provided solutions for Interventional Radiology and Chest Pain Clinic. Interventional Radiology requires physiological monitoring during procedures which requires a nurse to be in the room to monitor the patient vital signs. This exposes the nurse to x-rays even though the nurse is wearing a lead apron. Vidco provided a solution that allows the nurse to view physiological data from the control room thereby reducing unnecessary exposure to x-ray.


Our Chest Pain Clinic is a 5 patient holding area adjacent to the Emergency Department. At times there can be one nurse managing multiple patients.  Each patient has a private room and being able to monitor each patient continuously is impossible.  The VIDCO solution allowed the central station monitor display to be sent to a remote display in each room. Now, when an alarm occurs the nurse can look up at the monitor and determine if the alarm in another room requires immediate attention.


Every solution provided is simple to implement.  Every product we have purchased has been very reliable. There have been no failures on any product since 2000. Each solution has improved patient care and staff satisfaction. VIDCO a solution provider to healthcare!


Steven Rubino

Biomedical Engineering

Mercy Medical Center

Redding, CA

I just wanted to let you know how well things have been going with our MDP 2040-0100. We have been using it in our cardiac surgery for over a year and have no issues. The hardware has worked flawlessly. The operation is very simple so the staff adjusted to the operation without a lot of training. I appreciate that you have listened to our suggestions to make it even better. 


Gary Sanda

Biomed Tech